In addition to our monthly Shabbats, we have two special events each year:

- Passover:

Our Passover seder is a full seder (ordered meal) and service.  We do it as a potluck buffet.  We generally have about 80 people, but some years we've had as many as 110.

- Chanukah:

Our Chanukah service is a great event, which our younger members generally lead.  They do skits or read essays that they've written, lead Chanukah songs, or have a fun question-and-answer session with the congregation, complete with candy prizes.  Friends and family from out of town come (especially grandparents) because it is so much fun. 

We do BYOM (Bring Your Own Menorah) and light the candles together as a community.  It is the only time in Longmont that 20-30 menorahs are lit at one time.  It is very beautiful to see all the candles burning on all the different types of menorahs.   

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