One thing that people really like about our group is that it is very informal, open, and welcoming.  We welcome families, singles, couples, gays, interfaith families, and nontraditional families--as long as at least one person is Jewish (a difficult definition--volumes have been written about that!).  As you know, a basic tenet of modern Judaism is tolerance, and our group follows that tenet closely.

We currently have about 100 people in our group.  When we started in 1992, we had 17 people.  At first we took turns having the Shabbats in each other's houses.  After about 3 months we ran out of room and started renting meeting rooms in various facilities and churches in Longmont.  We are currently in our fourth facility, in a meeting room in a church in central Longmont.

We pay rent to the church, so we collect $6 per family per year to pay the rent.  In addition, we collect $1 per family each Shabbat to cover the cost of the paper plates and challah. Other than that, we don't have any funds.  Such a bargain!

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